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"Each day brings new beginnings" – how true!

Sometimes you feel destined to do something and until you start doing it you don't realize what it is until a contentment sets in way down inside. Habit Patch came from those feelings and so here I am. A dream of running my own business by myself, under my guidance and putting my heart and sole on the line.

My name is Karen Duncan and I have spent most of my life living in rural communities. I also spent time in Adelaide living but found the country life beckoned and the lifestyle suits me. I'm married to an Aussie Rules fanatic who has played, coached and now involved in administration of the game. I have two gorgeous adult sons who have now flown the coop and making their own way in life. I love spending time stitching and talking (oh yes I'm a natural jabber jaw), but am also happy reading a crime novel in quiet. I value my friends greatly and thank them for adding to my life. I also take great pride in volunteering for a mentoring program at the local high school – it's truly rewarding.

The name "Habit Patch" came to me while on one of my many driving trips for one reason or another and just stuck in my brain. Patchwork and quilting is one of the great, rewarding habits to have. It provides a great avenue for friendships, creativity, challenges and achievements and so Habit seemed to be the right name for the place or "patch" for a retail business where people feel welcome.


KarenMe in the store during our opening week

I hope the shop offers beautiful fabrics, inspiration and an environment where people feel comfortable to browse, chat, share their stories and return again and again. I hope by having my website it will add to what I already have and visitors via cyberspace will keep coming back like an old friend who I can continue to learn from. So welcome to all new friends and feel comfortable you are in touch with and amongst old friends.


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